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Websites are great sources of income that can also be somewhat therapeutic. If you choose to develop a website for use. Make sure the subject is something you'll enjoy working on. This way it can be like a hobby that pays you for your time spent. I enjoy money & making it, so I tend to create websites that revolve around the world of money. To create a website you must first pick a website name & register the domain name with your Web Hosting company. I personally like to use a multipurpose company: Order 1&1 Linux Web Hosting from the World’s # 1 Hosting Provider. One FREE domain + $100 worth of search engine advertisement.<<<<< This allows you to register your domains, host and even create websites. Most of the larger Hosting Companies offer a wide array of website products such as: website creators, forums, emails, photo galleries, clip art, etc… so really you just need a good hosting company, they can walk you through the creation and transfer process it takes to make your own website. Build you own website with just 3 steps at Once you have your site up on the web you will be ready for big business. Step 3. Here is how we'll make Money from websites:

1. Charge for Advertising - Once you have traffic on your website, you can use any one of the one of the businesses listed in our Online Money 101 Affiliate Program Index to place ads on your website. Most commonly used is a performance agreement. This means you only get paid when the advertisers generate business, either by people who click on the ads or sign up for their specific service. Regardless in most cases your doing nothing more than leasing some web space for potential cash flow. Not the hardest work in the world. If your extremely motivated you could also go out in the real world, and hustle up some local advertisers and charge them a flat rate, where you receive a set amount for the year, regardless of results. The choice is yours, remember once your website is established you can leave it alone, or update it as often as you wish. Its all up to you. The harder you work the more you make. Its your life, by your terms.

2. Services - If you have valuable information people will buy it, especially online. Information like stock advice, real estate "how to", hobbies, & money are popular topics. You can use Newsletters, emails, e-books, forums, even old fashion mailings, and charge for the service you provide. Don't believe me go to E bay and type in "e recipes" in the search box and look at the ones listed and how they are sent via e-mail. Click here for eBay! (Look it up! I can wait..) Obviously it's not hard to make money online. Along the lines of generating income via a service fee, is charging for entry to the site itself. This is very apparent in adult content sites. Charge a weekly, monthly, yearly amount to allow viewers unlimited access to the website.

3. Products for Sale - Maybe you have a in on: electronics, housewares, clothes, jewelry, hand made items, etc…You can sell these items by setting up a store front yourself Shopping cart software or use your hosting company to help you. Even our Affiliate Index can help you make money online selling other businesses merchandise. If your not interested in website storefronts, you can even direct people to other websites, or use online auction houses, allowing merchants to buy similar items.

4. Sale of Website or Domain Name - After a period of time, notoriety, clever planning, or boredom, a website can easily be sold for a nice profit. If the site generates income, it is no different than any other profitable company. We use our Parking company to market & promote all of our domain names. When a domain name is sold. It can include all contents such as everything you see here at or it can simply be the sale of the name. Since this site here has viewers interested in making money. Another company who also specializes in making money online, may be eager to purchase this domain name, thus driving my viewers to their website in hopes of increasing their database, or selling specific products. A very lucrative deal for both parties. I receive cash, they receive daily traffic to their business. Also they could in turn sell the domain name at a later time for a profit. You will here about the sale of the domain name it was purchased the second time for about a million dollars, a few years later 7.1 million dollars (and sold again since). By the way the gentleman who sold it last, now buys & sells high traffic domain names for a living. Needless to say if you only sell the domain name. You can still transfer your old content to a new domain name and start it over with new ideas & cash.


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