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Viral Marketing - The World Is Now Your Target Market...

eBay Wedding Dress Guy You have to read this story first to understand the concept of Viral Marketing. It is the sole reason this guy got 6 Million Hits.The name “Viral Marketing” sounds way worst then it actually is. Viral marketing has become a real popular way to promote “buzz.” To give you the best understanding of this topic, I chose the Wedding Dress Guy to illustrate the use of viral marketing in the story.
Email after Email poured into people’s Inbox telling them to: “check out this guy!!.” Attached to the Email was a link: Click here for eBay! showing the guy’s auction for his wife’s wedding dress. The reason he got 6 million hits was simple: A. He did have a catchy little story behind his auction. B. Other people helped to promote his auction. It is exponential growth in action. One person sends ten friends the E-mail. Each one of them in turn sends the E-mail to ten friends, and so on, and so on. Suddenly 6 Million people are checking out some guy on eBay who is selling a wedding dress. ( By the way, he now has his own website, showcasing himself.) “That’s all great, but How You Make Money?) Here is the most important footnote of the whole deal : The guy selling the wedding dress isn’t the REAL GENIUS. The real genius behind the online money in the wedding dress auction, was the guy who originally sent the first Email, with the Ebay link on it. You see he was actually in an affiliate program that offered eBay as an advertiser. This means that most people who received the e-mail (probably at work) went on the link checked out the wedding dress auction, read the story, Then went and shopped around e Bay for a bit. Every time somebody purchased an item, or signed up to be a member. The original sender received a small portion of the profits. Now that’s good Online Money for doing nothing.
This is how Viral Marketing can be used to make Online Money 101:

  1. Capture a great “water cooler talk” type topic or story. Or offer something for Free. Free things tend to grab people’s attention, and makes them tell others.
  2. It needs other people’s energy to keep it going. If its funny, interesting, shocking, or free, people will tell other people. Therefore it keeps it moving with exponential growth.
  3.  Be one of the first! First one out, makes the most money. You can not wait a day to take action. Now is the time.
  4.  Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t blind people with tons of links and banners. One link with a short description.
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These tips can be used to help you to have fun, and make money on the web. And remember creativity pays dividends. Use your imagination, Ebay is not the only source of affiliate related programs. Use our Internet Advertiser & Affiliate Program Index. There literally are thousands of products you could promote, and plenty of great new companies offering plenty of never seen before services.



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