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Podcasting - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" ...

Podcasting is the placing of files, like songs or videos on the internet for people to download onto their pc's or other portable devices. Another new form of video is a Vlog. A vlog is a video blog. Websites can also offer a vlog or podcast to its subscribers. So there is the first way to make Online Money using podcast. Develop a website that offers a vlog (video download) that people would be willing to pay for. This could involve music, audio "how to's", home made funny movies, interviews, etc.. The main thing is to offer quality feeds. The next way to make money podcasting is to find advertisers for your podcast, and charge them to advertise on your actual podcast. This can include an introduction to each podcast or vlog courtesy of the sponsor. It could also involve visual advertisement, where the advertiser's logo's or dot com name's, appear on a t-shirt, or just in the background of the vlog thats being aired. Podcasting & Vlogging have definitely increased in popularity. Therefore its time to take advantage of supply & demand. Incredible step-by-step e-book shows you how to create, download and earn money with podcasting in hours, guaranteed. Video Help...Podcasting E-book






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