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Now that you have officially registered your domain names with your hosting company. I say "Welcome" Thanks to Online Money 101 your now a domain investor. Now it's time to start making money with our domain names. A "parking site" is one of my favorite tools to make money with. Step 2. You allow a Parking Company to make a Free webpage for your domain name. They have advertisers who pay the money for every person that clicks on one of the ads on your webpage. In return for borrowing your domain name, the parking company will give you a percentage of the money they receive. So in example.. A 401k Investment company decides to advertise on the internet. Fortunately you already have a domain name (Example conveniently parked. The 401k company informs the Parking Company that they will pay $3.00 for every lead that the parking company sends to their own corporate website. Thats three dollars per click that they are willing to pay. Of the three dollars generated by your domain name & the parking company's webpage, you might receive .50 cents. But "Hey" thats not bad for doing nothing. Also thats just one example, of one click. What happens if you have more than one click per day? What if you had a hundred clicks? What if you had a hundred names? What if you could keep the whole three dollars? What happens when the three becomes a ten? (They do exist) Regardless of all of that, you still own the domain name, so you could always sell it later. But Why? Its generating income and going up in value yearly. See the resemblance to Real Estate? The most beautiful thing about this all, is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You dont pay a penny for any of the parking services. You only make money. Whether you choose monthly, yearly or life long income it's the American dream: "Make money for doing nothing"







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