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Domain Names - Buy Website Addresses (Internet Real Estate)

Domain Name Investments - Domain names are underated cheap Internet real estate. A domain name is the name given to a specific area of Internet space. This space usually consist of a name, phrase,or group of letters followed by the: (.com .net .biz .org .tv .cc) In example Online Money 101 is our domain name. The most popular of these dot names is the dot com's. Since they are the most popular, and most often the first one chosen, they tend to command the most money. These names can be purchased for about $3-$15 through most hosting companies. About three years ago I spent $34 to register my first domain name. Currently I havent paid more than six dollars for a dot com domain name, and my hosting company even likes to offer me free domain names periodically. I personally like to use a multipurpose company: Affordable & Easy Hosting. Step 1. Order 1&1 Linux Web Hosting from the World’s # 1 Hosting Provider. One FREE domain+$600 in software! This allows you to register your domains, host and even create websites. If you dont like our personal choice for a hosting company you can check out these other Hosting Companies. However in order to use the free tips in the next section, you must have a hosting company of some sort.

Regardless of the price, a domain name is still an investment. It's much much cheaper than real estate, and cost less than a single online brokerage commission. If your wondering why you would want to buy a domain name in the first place. Many lucrative reasons will be provided in the next few sections, but the biggest reason currently is: Supply & Demand. More and more people, from 16 to 60 are passing on the boob tube and instead flocking to the internet. This includes the biggest corporations & billions of dollars in advertising. So needless to say companies are switching money over to the internet for advertising. And with the switch they need to make websites for marketing or promoting products & services. Any company today, who plans on being a company tomorrow, has a website, if not more than one. So for a large company to spend a couple thousand dollars on some "schmuck" who bought, guarantee's no competitor can obtain that name. In turn this now offers a domain name that sticks in the minds of consumer's.

We cannot guarantee what the future has in store, nobody can. But I always remember what I learned about real estate and apply it to the Internet. I was always told "they're not making any more land." So think about it this way: Ask anyone who sold a piece of property as little as five years ago, if they were happy today that they did. They'll look at you like your crazy as they are reminded of the famous sellers remorse question "You know what thats worth today?" Buy domain names for the long term investment. Buy them for your kids. Buy some that are of personal interest to you. Buy some to flip. It doesn't really matter why you buy. Because in the next couple of moments we will describe how to make your domain names generate cash for you. "Yes" you can actually buy a domain name and start receiving Residual Income today. So if your ready to learn about the entire world of Internet money, and how to make it for FREE, read on and let change your life forever.  

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