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Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is intended for general public consumption. Set Up Your Blog Now! or use a free blog service How do you make money Blogging? A few ways come to mind:

1. Advertisement – as we talked about earlier in the Online Money 101 “Make Your Own Website” section. You can place ads from our Affiliate Index on your blog pages, and receive income every time someone clicks on one of the advertisements.

2. Network Ads – Maybe you would just like to drive traffic to your other websites or parking sites. Blogs can provide readers with valuable material. If readers enjoy your blogs, they will come back for more, or they will check out the links you place on the bottom of your blogs, that lead to your particular websites. At which point the traffic coming across the site can become money.

3. Professional Publishing – You may be a good enough writer, that someone will actually pay you to write blogs or articles for them. You receive a small fee for publishing some nice content rich material that helps them boost their rankings or e-mail database. Or maybe you just take every blog you've ever written and Make Your Own Ebooks and sell them online.







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