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Online Money 101 is the only Free guide to making long term residual online money . I have seen everyone on the Internet claiming to have the best online money making techniques... But none of those are Absolutely FREE.
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Domain Names - Make Money Owning Website Addresses (Internet Real Estate)


Online Money 101Domain Name Investments - Domain names are underrated cheap Internet real estate. A domain name is the name given to a specific area of Internet space. This space usually consist of a name, phrase, or group of letters followed by the: (.com .net .org .biz .tv .us) In example Online Money 101 is our domain name. The most popular of these dot names is the dot com's. Since they are the most popular, and most often the first one chosen, they tend to command the most money. Domain names can be purchased for about $3-$15 through most hosting companies. About three years ago I spent $34 to register my first domain name. Currently I haven't paid more than seven dollars for a dot com domain name, and my hosting company even likes to offer me free domain names periodically. I personally like to use a multipurpose company: Affordable & Easy Hosting. Step 1. Order 1&1 Linux Web Hosting from the World’s # 1 Hosting Provider. One FREE domain+$600 in software! This allows you to register your domains, host and even create websites. If you dont like our personal choice for a hosting company you can check out these other Hosting Companies. However in order to use the free tips in the next section, you must have a hosting company of some sort.

Regardless of the price, a domain name is still an investment. It's much, much cheaper than real estate, and cost less than a single online brokerage commission. If you're wondering why you would want to buy a domain name in the first place. Many lucrative reasons will be provided in the next few sections, but the biggest reason currently is: Supply & Demand. More and more people, from 16 to 60 are passing on the boob tube and instead flocking to the internet. This includes the biggest corporations & billions of dollars in advertising. So needless to say companies are switching money over to the internet for advertising. And with the switch they need to make websites for marketing or promoting products & services. Any company today, who plans on being a company tomorrow, has a website, if not more than one. So for a large company to spend a couple thousand dollars, on some "schmuck" who bought could guarantee their success, now that no competitor can obtain that particular web address. The company in return for this purchase, can now develop the site, and offer a domain name that sticks in the minds of consumer's.

We cannot guarantee what the future has in store, nobody can. But I always remember what I learned about real estate and apply it to the Internet. I was always told "they're not making any more land." So think about it this way: Ask anyone who sold a piece of property as little as five years ago, if they were happy today that they did. They'll look at you like you're crazy as they are reminded of the famous sellers remorse question "You know what that's worth today?" Buy domain names for the long term investment. Buy them for your kids. Buy some that are of personal interest to you. Buy some to flip. It doesn't really matter why you buy. Because in the next couple of moments we will describe how to make your domain names generate cash for you. "Yes" you can actually buy a domain name and start receiving Residual Income today. So if your ready to learn about the entire world of Internet money, and how to make it for FREE, read on and let change your life forever.


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Parking Sites - Earn Daily Income Using Web Addresses...


Online Money 101Now that you have registered your domain names with your hosting company. We say "Welcome to your new life." Thanks to Online Money 101 you are now officially a domain name investor. Now it's time to start making money with our domain names. A "parking site" is one of my favorite tools to make money with. Step 2. You allow a Parking Company to make a Free webpage for your domain name. They have advertisers who pay the money for every person that clicks on one of the ads on your webpage. In return for borrowing your domain name, the parking company will give you a percentage of the money they receive. So in example.. A 401k Investment company decides to advertise on the internet. Fortunately you already have a domain name (Example conveniently parked. The 401k company informs the Parking Company that they will pay $3.00 for every lead that the parking company sends to their own corporate website. That's three dollars per click that they are willing to pay. Of the three dollars generated by your domain name & the parking company's webpage, you might receive .50 cents. But "Hey" that's not bad for doing nothing. Also thats just one example, of one click. What happens if you have more than one click per day? What if you had a hundred clicks? What if you had a hundred names? (Our Portfolio) What if you could keep the whole three dollars? What happens when the three becomes a six or nine? (They do exist) Regardless of all of that, you still own the domain name, so you could always sell it later. But Why? Its generating online money and going up in value yearly. See the resemblance to Real Estate? The most beautiful thing about this all, is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You don't pay a penny for any of the parking services. You only make money. Whether you choose monthly, yearly or life long income it's the American dream: "Make money for doing nothing"



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Websites - Start An Online Business & Become Your Own Boss...


Online Money 101Websites are great sources of income that can also be somewhat therapeutic. If you choose to develop a website for use, make sure the subject is something you'll enjoy working on. This way it can be like a hobby that pays you for your time spent. I enjoy online money & making it, so I tend to create websites that revolve around the world of online money. To create a website you must first pick a website name & register the domain name with your Web Hosting company. I personally like to use a multipurpose company: Order 1&1 Linux Web Hosting from the World’s # 1 Hosting Provider. One FREE domain + $100 worth of search engine advertisement.<<<<< This allows you to register your domains, host and even create websites. Most of the larger Hosting Companies offer a wide array of website products such as: website creators, forums, emails, photo galleries, clip art, etc… so really you just need a good hosting company, they can walk you through the creation and transfer process it takes to make your own website. Build you own website with just 3 steps at Once you have your site up on the web you will be ready for big business. Step 3. Here is how we'll make Money from websites:

1. Charge for Advertising - Once you have traffic on your website, you can use any one of the one of the businesses listed in our Online Money 101 Affiliate Program Index to place ads on your website. Most commonly used is a performance agreement. This means you only get paid when the advertisers generate business, either by people who click on the ads or sign up for their specific service. Regardless in most cases your doing nothing more than leasing some web space for potential cash flow. Not the hardest work in the world. If you're extremely motivated you could also go out in the real world, and hustle up some local advertisers and charge them a flat rate, where you receive a set amount for the year, regardless of results. The choice is yours, remember once your website is established you can leave it alone, or update it as often as you wish. It's all up to you. The harder you work the more you make. It's your life, by your terms.

2. Services - If you have valuable information people will buy it, especially online. Information like stock advice, real estate "how to", hobbies, & money are popular topics. You can use Newsletters, emails, e-books, forums, even old fashion mailings, and charge for the service you provide. Don't believe me go to E bay and type in "e recipes" in the search box and look at the ones listed and how they are sent via e-mail. Click here for eBay! (Look it up! I can wait..) Obviously it's not hard to make money online. Along the lines of generating income via a service fee, is charging for entry to the site itself. This is very apparent in adult content sites. Charge a weekly, monthly, yearly amount to allow viewers unlimited access to the website.

3. Products for Sale - Maybe you have a in on: electronics, house wares, clothes, jewelry, hand made items, etc…You can sell these items by setting up a store front yourself Shopping cart software or use your hosting company to help you. Even our Affiliate Index can help you make money online selling other businesses merchandise. If you're not interested in website storefronts, you can even direct people to other websites, or use online auction houses, allowing merchants to buy similar items.

4. Sale of Website or Domain Name - After a period of time, notoriety, clever planning, or boredom, a website can easily be sold for a nice profit. If the site generates income, it is no different than any other profitable company. We use our Parking company to market & promote all of our domain names. When a domain name is sold, it can include all contents such as everything you see here at or it can simply be the sale of the name. Since our site here have viewers interested in making online money. Another company who also specializes in making money online, may be eager to purchase this domain name, thus driving my viewers to their website in hopes of increasing their database, or selling specific products. This could create a very lucrative deal for both parties. I receive cash & they receive daily traffic to their business. Also they could in turn sell the domain name at a later time for a profit. You will here about the sale of the domain name it was purchased the second time for about a million dollars, a few years later 7.1 million dollars (and sold again since for $345 million). By the way the gentleman who sold it last, now buys & sells high traffic domain names for a living. Needless to say if you only sell the domain name, you can still transfer your old content to a new domain name and start it over with new ideas & cash.


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Cafe Press - Promote And Profit From Your Own Merchandise...

Online Money 101An interesting form of Online Money 101 is Café Press which is absolutely free; you simply sign up and sell custom made merchandise. Café Press offers an online marketplace that provides sellers a complete e-commerce service to create and sell a wide variety of products; this offers buyers unique merchandise for almost every topic imaginable. Café Press offers you the ability to put logos, phrases, artwork, etc… onto shirts, mugs, hats, magnets, bags, etc… <Sample> The cool thing about Café Press is that you can sell quality merchandise that promotes your product or service, while making online money. Not too mention that other people can also promote your merchandise, helping you to make even more money. Shop or Create What's On Your Mind at

When it comes to the cost of the merchandise, Café Press charges a flat rate for each item sold. You just set the price above cost, to create the size of your profit margin. You can choose to make little to nothing, so that you can just promote your product to all. Or you can set a healthy profit margin on each item you’re selling, and make a nice chunk of change every time you sell something using Café Press.

The last thing to remember about Café Press, is that you don’t even have to own or operate a website to make online money with there service. (Wait; so you’re saying I can make money for Free?) Yes; currently they 11 million unique visitors a month, which means that they have enough traffic coming into their site, to allow anyone to set up a business and start making free online money 101.


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Google - Make Money For Being Online...

Online Money 101Believe me there are plenty of ways to make money with Google. The best way is the Google adsense program. This is a free affiliate program, in which you can make online money by allowing Google to place topic related advertisements or search bars on your website or blog. Every time a viewer clicks on one of the ads your account gets credited. So if you can generate traffic to your website or blog, you can generate online money as well. Online Money 101 Tip: If you want to generate the most online money per click from Google. You need to have content related material that demands the highest bid prices. I.e... An advertiser, who wants to promote his "keychain" website, probably won’t be willing to spend more than fifty cents per click to sell his item. On the other hand, an advertiser looking to promote his "big screen plasma televisions" would be more likely to spend five dollars per click to drive customers to his website or storefront. Since you receive a portion of the advertiser bid, make sure your website or blog contains high bid products or services. If you’re interested in additional Google money, you can also use the Google referral program. Step 4. Regardless the adsense program helps you to convert Internet traffic into Free Online Money: Online Money 101:


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E-books - Increase Your Wealth With Electronic Books...

Online Money 101E Books are another great source of income, and one of the greatest creations for users of the internet like ourselves. They allow common knowledge or topic specific information to be distributed in electronic book form. This allows professional or novice authors to publish material & distribute it worldwide for little to no overhead cost. These Ebooks are sent just like an e-mail, but they can't be re-sent or edited without proper authorization. However you can publish or distribute as many as you would like with just a click of the mouse. This form of reading is becoming extremely common practice, since ebooks can be stored on p.c's, laptops, PDA's, or any number of data receiving devices. The big deal to me, is the creating of Ebooks. This really is not that hard to do, considering that the Ebook compiler software is available for Free at: Once you own your Ebook software, you can create, or compose as many Ebooks as you would like. Creating E-books is as easy as downloading a word document into the Ebook compiler, adding some bells & whistles, and making a sharp looking cover, as well as a clever title. The way money can be generated here, is either by the sale of the Ebook, which can be sold online, using auction houses like Ebay or Amazon You could even place them directly for sale on your own, or even someone else's website to make even more money. Think about it, you find a website that is willing to sell your Ebook, because it relates to their website, and it offers their site more content. You in turn have a Ebook offering related information for sale.( A Win / Win ) Another great way to profit from Ebooks is by placing affiliate advertising throughout the book...(See the Online Money 101 Affiliate Index to learn more) The greatest thing about Ebooks is that you are technically selling one book over and over again to thousands of different people. They can be given away as promotional items, they can be offered in newsletters, whatever the case may be. Ebooks are great sources of residual income, and best of all: No overhead. No deadlines. No publishing company. No Boss. "No Problem."


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eBay - A Couple Million People Can't Be Wrong...


Online Money 101eBay is probably the most common form of online money that people tend to choose. The reason it is so popular is that its easy & anything can be sold for big money, not to mention that the buying and bidding process is addictive. If you’ve ever bought anything in one of these auctions you know what I’m talking about.
Anyway since its almost impossible in the time given to explain everything about Ebay. I will touch on a few of the Online Money 101 topics you’ll need to get started.

1. Sign up for both Click here for eBay! and PayPal. A few things before you start selling anything. It’s my advice to you to become a ebay “verified user.” It cost around five dollars & will verify that your listed Ebay address is real. This will increase bids & bid amounts, since your customers feel more comfortable buying from a verified seller. On this same note; I also recommend buying a few cheap items to start. Ebay is based on a number of transactions system. The more transactions you complete, the higher you're rating. (High rating = high bidders) Also by purchasing a couple of items to start, you will be put like your soon to be customers; on the buying side of Ebay.

2. DO NOT try to sell anything to get your rating up. You will not be happy with the results. (Low rating = low bidders)

3. To increase your rating quickly you can do this: 1st change your Ebay settings to always show the shipping cost, believe me this will help in the long run. Now type in the search box “E recipes” This should bring up hundreds of choices. You can now search for the lowest priced recipes. E recipes start at a penny to buy, and some even offer free shipping, because its an email recipe. This concept applies to anything that can be sent email or instantly. Ebay has a “feedback” system which allows sellers & buyers to give positive or negative feedback based upon completion of transaction. Instant results equal instant feedback. Hypothetically in a weekend I can open an account. Buy 100 items from 100 different sellers and get a 100 rating, which is perfect to make optimum money on Ebay. DO NOT buy 100 items from the SAME person. You will only get 1 rating point per Seller towards your rating. At least obtain a minimum rating of a 10 before proceeding.

4. Before you become an eBay Seller. Food for thought: The US postal system needs to become your best friend, to become a money making e Bay seller. You will need to know how much you need to charge your customers for the products you will be selling. Spend a little time online or even stop in and check out all the tools they have to make your life easier.

5. Finally its time to SELL. The first thing I did when deciding what to sell, was to look for low shipping cost items. I chose to look for small light-weight items that don’t cost a lot to ship to customers. ie… If you are going to ship a steel disc or a vinyl album, which one is going to cost more to ship? That needs to be thought about when selling online. I tend to use bubble mailers or padded envelopes, these are relatively cheap to purchase or make, and allow me to pad my contents, as well as my shipping cost. Yes I am one of those people who charges more for shipping than it actually cost. This allows me to offer a lower starting price, which tends to create a little bidding frenzy. I’ll give you a little example of how this works: It cost about 65 cents to send a collectible sports card, placed in a bubble mailer to someone in the U.S. However in the shipping section on Ebay I place the cost of shipping at $2 ½ - $3 per item. This ensures a profit of $1.75 – $2.25 for each item sold regardless of final bid amount. Also the bubble mailers usually do not require any additional shipping services. Simply place the item securely cushioned in a bubble mailer. Drop in the mail. Wait for Feedback. That’s It. Once you understand what can be sold thru bubble mailers & how much it cost to ship each item. You can start looking for things that can be placed in bubble mailers to start selling.

6. My personal recommendations for bubble mailer type items are: Jewelry, DVD, Books, Magazines, Small Toys, Trading Cards, Fishing Lures, T-shirts, etc… Where do you find these types of things? Try your house, your friends, clearance racks at retail stores are awesome little Ebay treasure troves. I literally find thousands of discounted or marked down items that sell instantly on Ebay. So much is clearanced out nowadays, that anyone could easily make a living just selling retail close-out items. Other great sources of Ebay material include: yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, or 2nd hand stores. But like I said earlier you will have to do the research and spend a little time learning something new. I am simply showing you a small portion of the money that Online Money 101 already knows exist online today.

7. Once you’ve accumulated your items for sale its time to discuss a few more major points consider: A. Title – Make sure its descriptive with good keyword choices. B. Description – Be specific, mention features, and mention your 100% rating, quick shipping. Do not litter your page with useless banners, images, multi color themes, etc.. These only will distract from the product being sold. C. Picture – A quality picture is a MUST. Would you buy from a stranger, without ever seeing the item your buying? O.K Then. Use a quality picture & be sure to add it to the gallery listing. Listing with gallery photos will sell at a higher percentage than those without. D. Pricing – There are many thoughts on pricing. Buy it Now. Start Low. Start High. All acceptable procedures. However I prefer to start my auctions at 99 cents. If your starting price is under a dollar, you are charged the lowest commission fee. If you start at 100 dollars, you will pay much more just to list the item, regardless if it sells or not. With a 99 cent listing, you are saving eBay listing money. Plus your shipping has the 2-3 dollar profit padding per item, just to start. The idea is to find items that even if sold for 99 cents still put 1-3 dollars in your pocket per sale. If the item sells for more, its just more profit to you for doing nothing other than listing the item for sale. Not bad if you consider that you can buy items in bulk or lot form. Turn around write one listing, take one picture, list the single item for sale using the methods we’ve discussed, and once the auction ends. Simply hit the “Re-list” button, and a identical auction will start immediately, using the same information from the prior auction. Every time you hit re-list button, another $3 minimum profit is on its way. You can do this over & over again. It really is that simple.

8. This is my own personal Ebay success story: 2 years ago, after discovering the methods discussed above. I found a hidden gold mine at a local retail store: Manufacturer Rebates. I’m not going to explain how rebates exactly work. But in a nutshell you get money back after buying their product. Anyways I found a great deal one day. This store was offering a brand name fishing lure & coffee mug combo pack for $4. Ironically enough, the manufacturer had offered a $4 rebate on this particular combo pack. I didn’t ask why and neither should you. The fact is, all around the state were stores with pallets of these; free after rebate combo packs. Needless to say I bought PLENTY of them. What I did was took the fishing lure, which was in its own sealed package and sold them for… You guessed it 99 cents with 2 dollars shipping. The funny thing is that most of the lures actually sold for about 3 dollars WITHOUT the shipping cost added in. Not to mention that since I had already created my listing, I just hit the re-list button and another auction was under way. I simply waited for payment, place the lure in a bubble mailer, put a stamp on, and wait for my next payment. Side note: most people that bought the lures were newer customers looking for low priced items to get their rating up. I was there to help them, help me. (Always look for the win win) Oh yeah. I also was able to make use of the mugs that were now leftover as well. Put 4 of them together, box them up, and auction them off on eBay as a “New Lot of 4 Ceramic Fishing Mugs...”

9. As I said earlier there is so much info to share about making money on eBay. That I will leave the rest of the specifics to the other Ebay Experts Just remember this: Avoid skeptics. DO IT FIRST. Then TELL people about it.( Do Not reverse the order ) I love everybody in the world, but when it comes to things people don’t know. Boy they really can tell you why They think it will never work. We live in a great era today. We have more resources available to us then ever before. If you are reading this, you already have everything you need at your fingertips.( Think about it.) More and more people today are making a Full Time living from selling items on Ebay. Whether your eBay experience is full time, or just here and there to earn some extra money. If you are not already involved with Ebay, you really will regret it later, as more and more, LOCAL success stories are shared. 


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WhyPark - Set It & Forget It - Content Rich Websites...


Online Money 101The best domain name parking program available online today is WhyPark. They offer content rich websites. You pick the keywords & they update articles that appear on the landing page with keyword rich content. This provides excellent articles of interest, not to mention Content. As you have heard before “Content is King” Instead of the parking company pasting their standard ads on your domain. You simply paste your own Google Adsense code into the template around the articles. <WhyPark Example>. This concept allows you to receive 100 % of the income generated on every click you receive. With most of the traditional parking companies, you would have to split the revenue with them. So far to date none of the companies providing this service has been able to confirm any kind of percentage breakdown.

When it comes to domain name parking programs, I have tried many parking services. None have provided the results I was looking for. I personally believe that if the search engines can index a parking page, than it is on its way to being included in millions of search results daily. If your domain parking service only pastes ads on a domain with no search engine rankings, you are not getting any extra traffic to your site other than users who would directly type your domain name into the browser.

The only downfall to the WhyPark system is that it is not free. They do charge $100 per 100 domain names. So for an extra dollar a domain, you can now create content rich websites, customize the layouts, add your own google code, or affiliate codes like CJ & Link Share, as well as receive search engine rankings. This really is one of the best services available to domainers to date.


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Blogs & Blogging - Convert Your Blogs Into Cash...

Online Money 101Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is intended for general public consumption. Set Up Your Blog Now! or use a free blog service. How do you make money Blogging? A few ways come to mind:

1. Consistency - Consistency is the key to any successful blog, ask anyone. You must post frequently without excuses. Readers want updated, current information; nobody wants to come to a blog that was last posted to in 2006. Most blogging platforms allow you to save a draft to publish your blog post at a later date & time.

2. Advertisement – as we talked about earlier in the Online Money 101 “Make Your Own Website” section. You can place ads from our Affiliate Index on your blog pages, and receive income every time someone clicks on one of the advertisements.

3. Network Ads – Maybe you would just like to drive traffic to your other websites or parking sites. Blogs can provide readers with valuable material. If readers enjoy your blogs, they will come back for more, or they will check out the links you place on the bottom of your blogs, that lead to your particular websites. At which point the traffic coming across the site can become money.

4. Professional Publishing – You may be a good enough writer, that someone will actually pay you to write blogs or articles for them. You receive a small fee for publishing some nice content rich material that helps them boost their rankings or e-mail database. Or maybe you just take every blog you've ever written and Make Your Own Ebooks and sell them online.

5. Join Forces - Some of the best money making blogs actually use multiple writers. You can find some bloggers who would love to write articles for your blogs, and join forces to create a killer blog that is updated daily, with fresh new content. Split the commission checks or offer some other form of money to your new partners in blogging.

6. Link Exchanges - Sometimes you just need another source of traffic to make more online money. Talk to some other bloggers about exchanging links to each other. You post a little review or article describing his/her blog; then they do the same for you. Now everyone is making Online Money 101.


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Amazon - Make Money Using The King of Retail

Online Money 101One of the most over looked forms of online money is Amazon was founded in 1995, and today has found itself on top of the online retail industry. Today it is easier than ever before, to make online money using Amazon’s affiliate program. Like most affiliate programs, it is absolutely free to join. Once you are a member, you can choose to sell the products that Amazon carries. This includes everything from: electronics, apparel, DVDs, books, toys, general merchandise, and more. Not to mention that Amazon is probably one of the most trusted names in online shopping.

Selling merchandise from Amazon is only limited to your imagination. Amazon actually has set up over 10 different forms of making online money for free. You can build links to feature a particular item on your website or blog, you can also build an A-Store; this is a hosted webpage which offers products that you have chosen to sell online. It’s almost like having your own website which offers top quality products for sale. You don’t need to process orders, or inventory, or even keep records of sales. Amazon takes care of all that for you. So tell me what’s better than earning 4% - 8.5% of all sales made, from a free website, or link you created in less than an hour?

Early in my online money career I used an Amazon link on a website, but then kind of forgot about it. Then awhile back, I logged into my account to create a link to Amazon for a different site. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had substantial earnings in my account. So I did a little research to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, and “NO” it wasn’t. I had sold a lot of merchandise, and started receiving commissions. The greatest thing about the sales I made is that most products sold were not even related to the site, or initial product they saw. Most people went to Amazon intending to look at one product, but then started looking at others… and buying, and buying, and buying. This again goes to show why Online Money 101 is the best form of income available today; set it and forget it, 24/7, long term, global, money making revenue streams.

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Craigslist - "Turn The Free Classifieds Into Free Money"


Online Money 101Craigslist has become one of the least known ways to make money online today (other than selling junk). If you are unfamiliar with Craigslist you need to get familiar with it fast. Millions of users look to use their services for selling, buying, or just relaying information to others. When it comes to making money-using craigslist, the opportunities seem to currently be unlimited. So for the sake of time I will cover a few of the most common methods in use today. Here’s how we will make money with craigslist:

  1. Purchase under priced products available in your local classified section. Then list the same items for sale on eBay. Too many people are simply using craigslist to get rid of their items at any cost. So for someone to turn around and scan the classifieds looking for products that can be sold for a profit on eBay takes very little work. Some of the best areas of craigslist to search for bargains would be: clothes, collectibles, and books. If you have read the Online Money 101 eBay section, you know that I like items that cost very little to ship. (Increases the profit margin) However I am sure that there are literally hundreds of other types of items that could be bought on craigslist & then sold on ebay for a nice profit.
  2. Reverse the process above & sell items bought on eBay to craigslist customers. This is not as easy, since the best way to guarantee the profit margin is to buy a large lot of items from eBay. Then individually sell them for a nice mark up on craigslist.
  3. You can also make money-using craigslist by promoting your online business ventures. I have found success using the services section to post my online opportunities. You will have to read the guidelines carefully to avoid your post from being “flagged.” However if you really do offer any kind of quality service such as: web design, domain registration, website hosting, etc… the amount of income you can generate is almost unlimited.
  4. The last method of craigslist money is: convert your online ventures into physical ventures. I mean it isn’t too hard to find people who have great services to offer. Find the people with good services & team up with them. I.e.… Find someone who has a handyman service. Contact them and agree to set up or share a website for their business. Or just agree to a flat rate fee for customers you refer to them. You get the picture.

Again these are just a few of the methods to making money with craigslist, which can be implemented instantly. Add a little of your own creativity to these recipes, and who knows what type of income you can generate… Thanks to Online Money 101 .com


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Podcasting/Vlogs - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" ... Thanks To The Internet.


Online Money 101Podcasting is the placing of files, like songs or videos on the internet for people to download onto their pc's or other portable devices. Another new form of video is a Vlog. A vlog is a video blog. Websites can also offer a vlog or podcast to its subscribers. So there is the first way to make Online Money using podcast. Develop a website that offers a vlog (video download) that people would be willing to pay for. This could involve music, audio "how to's", home made funny movies, interviews, etc.. The main thing is to offer quality feeds. The next way to make money podcasting is to find advertisers for your podcast, and charge them to advertise on your actual podcast. This can include an introduction to each podcast or vlog courtesy of the sponsor. It could also involve visual advertisement, where the advertiser's logo's or dot com name's, appear on a t-shirt, or just in the background of the vlog thats being aired. Podcasting & Vlogging have definitely increased in popularity. Therefore its time to take advantage of supply & demand. Incredible step-by-step e-book shows you how to create, download and earn money with podcasting in hours, guaranteed. Video Help...Podcasting E-book


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Viral Marketing - The World Is Now Your Target Market...

Online Money 101You have to read this story first; (ebay wedding dress guy) to understand the concept of Viral Marketing. It is the sole reason this guy got 6 Million Hits.The name “Viral Marketing” sounds way worst then it actually is. Viral marketing has become a real popular way to promote “buzz.” To give you the best understanding of this topic, I chose the Wedding Dress Guy to illustrate the use of viral marketing in the story.
Email after Email poured into people’s Inbox telling them to: “check out this guy!!.” Attached to the Email was a link: Click here for eBay! showing the guy’s auction for his wife’s wedding dress. The reason he got 6 million hits was simple: A. He did have a catchy little story behind his auction. B. Other people helped to promote his auction. It is exponential growth in action. One person sends ten friends the E-mail. Each one of them in turn sends the E-mail to ten friends, and so on, and so on. Suddenly 6 Million people are checking out some guy on eBay who is selling a wedding dress. ( By the way, he now has his own website, showcasing himself.) “That’s all great, but How You Make Money?) Here is the most important footnote of the whole deal : The guy selling the wedding dress isn’t the REAL GENIUS. The real genius behind the online money in the wedding dress auction, was the guy who originally sent the first Email, with the Ebay link on it. You see he was actually in an affiliate program that offered eBay as an advertiser. This means that most people who received the e-mail (probably at work) went on the link checked out the wedding dress auction, read the story, Then went and shopped around e Bay for a bit. Every time somebody purchased an item, or signed up to be a member. The original sender received a small portion of the profits. Now that’s good Online Money for doing nothing.
This is how Viral Marketing can be used to make Online Money 101:

  1. Capture a great “water cooler talk” type topic or story. Or offer something for Free. Free things tend to grab people’s attention, and makes them tell others.
  2. It needs other people’s energy to keep it going. If its funny, interesting, shocking, or free, people will tell other people. Therefore it keeps it moving with exponential growth.
  3.  Be one of the first! First one out, makes the most money. You can not wait a day to take action. Now is the time.
  4.  Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t blind people with tons of links and banners. One link with a short description.

These tips can be used to help you to have fun, and make money on the web. And remember creativity pays dividends. Use your imagination, Ebay is not the only source of affiliate related programs. Use our Internet Advertiser & Affiliate Program Index. There literally are thousands of products you could promote, and plenty of great new companies offering plenty of never seen before services.

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Yahoo Search Marketing - Take Money And Make Money...


Online Money 101Yahoo Search Marketing is the one of the main sources of online money today. Millions of dollars are spent on Internet advertising, Yahoo being one of the biggest recipients. Yahoo Search Marketing allows anyone willing to advertise, to promote their, blog, website, service, or product on Yahoo’s search results. When you go to the Yahoo website, and do a “web search” for any item, hundreds of thousands of search results will appear. Usually directly above the search results, and also to the right, are “sponsor results.” These little 3-4 line blurbs, are actually advertisements that people bid on to receive the best advertising spots. That means even you or me, can sign up for Yahoo Search Marketing, and begin to advertise our particular site, product, or service.

The only limit to how much exposure you get is the amount of advertising budget you set. Yahoo Search has a minimum bid amount of .10 cents per click. That means you must be willing to spend at least 10 cents every time somebody clicks on your ad. You can also control the dollar amounts on every aspect of the search marketing process. You can select the amount you wish to pay per click; you can even set the daily spending limit as low as $1.00. This prevents you from spending your entire advertising budget in one day. Now on the opposite side of the coin, you can also spend mega amounts of money advertising. I have bid on the some of the top spots before, where the highest bidder was paying $5.00 per click. But again, you don’t have to spend that kind of cash to make Online Money. You can start small, learn the system, learn the market, and still make some extra money while learning the basics of search marketing.

Online Money 101 methods for making money using search marketing:

Parking revenue vs. Click amount-

This is an interesting angle to play, if you are looking to double your initial investment. What’s The Play: You learn to advertise in categories that will guarantee 100% ROI.
How Does It Work: You have to research your google ad sense account thoroughly. You will look through your google stats looking for parking pages, or websites that have: high click-thru rates & high earnings per click. (ie… 30-45% CTR with a $300 eCPM) Basically a site that visitor click on the google ads frequently, and yield a fair amount per click. I have some sites which earn me about $1.00 every other time, someone visits the page. If you can create & advertise a site like that for .10 cents a click, you can earn .40 cents for every .10 cents you spend on search marketing. That’s a 400 % return on investment, not too shabby for writing one little Yahoo Ad.


Intentional Misses -

In some cases of Internet advertising with Yahoo, I am simply putting ads together that I hope no one clicks on. Yes…I don’t want to pay for the click; I just want the free exposure. I have made small Yahoo ads that I know will generate eyeballs to my domain name. When I do this little trick, I only use a direct navigational domain name. i.e.…,,, something that is easy for people to remember, I never clicked on a Rich Jerk ad, but I did see the ads & later typed the domain into my browser. So even though he didn’t pay for my click, he still got it by using the Yahoo Search Marketing ad.

Affiliate Programs using Yahoo Ads-

One of the other great ways to make online money is to advertise other people’s products, and services using Yahoo Search. Now this can be as straight forward as it seems, or it can be pretty complex using high payout commissions vs. low bid rates. One of the easiest methods is the straight forward single product approach. You sign up for an affiliate program like Amazon, Commission Junction, etc... And pick a product to advertise, copy the HTML code they provide you, write up your Yahoo Ad, paste the HTML in the URL space provided, and consider yourself an Online Money 101 member, while you wait to collect your commission checks. It really is that easy to make online money using a little Internet marketing.


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Online Surveys - Your Opinion Is Now Worth Money...

Online Money 101Taking online surveys nowadays can be a profitable venture. Especially when you consider, that all it takes to make money. Is a little of your time & honesty. That’s it. No Fees. No Money Needed. Just answer some questions, by clicking a few boxes. Online Money 101 Tip: Create an E-mail account, that you use specifically for your online money. This way if some how your email address is sold or traded, it won’t fill your normal Email account with spam. Now granted survey companies aren’t going to pay you huge sums of cash. Unless you decide to become a Professional Survey Taker. This will cost you a couple of dollars to join, but you will receive actual income. If you choose just to fill out a few of the free surveys, most likely it’s going to net you some 10-50 dollar gift cards for different places. These gift cards can be used for products, meals, hotels, and various other services. You could take some of those pop-up surveys that periodically appear, but I don’t trust them very much when it comes to receiving my gift cards. I prefer professional survey companies, they are more likely to offer interesting surveys, as well as pay when expected.If your interested in becoming a Professional Survey Taker we offer some companies you could enroll with.


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Click Bank - Laugh All The Way To The Click Bank

Making online money with Click Bank is just a cut & paste away. Click Bank is another free source of online money 101: simply sign up and promote your link. You can use your link in an email, website, blog, forum, whatever method you like. The merchants available through click bank are not your typical big name businesses. Instead in some cases they are: entry level affiliates, unique in content, get rich quick money making methods, alternative services, etc… Besides having excellent niche markets to choose from, Click Bank offers some of the highest commissions available in online affiliate programs. Many of the top selling products or services offer 50% commissions or higher. With average per sale commissions around $18 - $36 you can’t go wrong with that kind of online money.

As with a lot of the other forms of online money, Click Bank can be used in a number of ways:

  1. Traditional Links – The most common form of click bank usage is text links. Pick a product, paste the link, and wait for someone to buy the product or service.
  2. E-mails – Some people like to use mailing list or signature stamps on e-mails, to generate money with Click Bank. (For the most part this is spam mail)
  3. Yahoo Search – Place advertisements on YSM linking directly to the Click Bank merchant’s page. This can be extremely lucrative if researched thoroughly.
  4. URL Forward – You can even forward one of your domain names to a Click Bank affiliate program. Change your DNS settings and direct your domain to the affiliate of your choice. (Long terms thought…Generate enough sales through your URL redirection, and sell the domain name directly to the affiliate company.)


Remember the fun part about Online Money 101 is that you are only limited to your creativity and effort used; the more directions in which you venture, the more ways in which you’ll make online money.


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Squidoo - Turn Your Hobby Into Money...

Online Money 101Squidoo is considered a social networking website by some, while others see it purely as an opportunity to make free online money. Here’s how Squidoo works: A user signs up for a Free Squidoo account. Then you pick a topic on which you create a completely free webpage (called a lens) for your specific topic. <Example> Squidoo encourages you to add various widgets to your webpage to add content, or to earn income. Some of the widgets include: eBay, Amazon, Café Press, Wikipedia, Link List, Polls, Voting Modules, etc…

In the end your lens or webpage looks extremely professional, while offering 50% of all earnings back to you. Yes you receive 50% of any earnings from your newly created free webpage. That’s pretty awesome considering you didn’t have to pay for a domain name, hosting, or gain approval from affiliate programs to sell products. For any person who doesn’t know how to make their own website, this is definitely worth the Zero Dollars Invested. You can now turn your hobby or interest into money. The more knowledge you have about a specific topic, the more money you will make using Squidoo.

Squidoo is also a great place for advanced money making techniques. Currently Squidoo traffic is growing at rapid pace. Squidoo is currently a PR7 and moving fast. On an individual note within 2 weeks of creating my first lens, the lens was already at a PR1. I didn’t do a thing to it, yet now I have a PR1 site I can link from. Some Squidoo users, who have established websites of their own, also notice nice streams of traffic, or boosted search rankings for existing sites. Whatever the case may be, Squidoo offers the right price (Free) with the combination of 10 Million hits a month. That’s some of the best odds to make online money I have ever seen.


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